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Software Engineering
Our Commitment to Our Customers Begins Long Before the Contract Is Awarded

Before we write the proposal, we make sure we understand what our customers are asking for. Do you need a single software application that will perform flawlessly with different databases? Do you need an entire suite of software applications that seamlessly interacts across different enterprise networks? Do you need to re-engineer or re-host an application to suit current and future needs of the organization? Do you need help capturing and managing the hundreds of cross-cutting requirements that factor into multiple projects? Do you need to manage the configuration and release of software under development? Based on a strong foundation of requirements engineering, STG delivers software development services with the functionality and flexibility that today’s lean environment demands.

Requirements Engineering
Our requirements engineering approach allows your project’s requirements to align with business goals and needs while facilitating clear inputs to the design of solutions. We iteratively and methodically develop and manage requirements and use cases involving various tools and techniques. We elicit, gather, analyze, review and document requirements using industry best practices.

Design and Architecture
STG designs reliable, available, scalable and secure systems and applications based on your business and technical requirements. We are adept at using multiple design methodologies, such as agile methods, service oriented architecture, model-driven architecture, proof-of-concept prototyping, and simulation and modeling. Our solution architecture always strives to closely align with an organization’s enterprise architectural components.

Our development services involve a variety of programming languages, tools, frameworks and integrated development environments, covering a variety of software platforms in mainframe, client-server and Web environments. We have expert programmers in Microsoft, Java and database programming environments that provide a range of client-server and Web development services. We provide a wide range of Web development services that feature dynamic and database-driven websites, as well as secure Web-portal access to databases. Our solutions to customers involve application and database development that include re-usable macros, libraries and stored procedures that save time and money and increase efficiencies.

For a project to be successful, we have to do things correctly and do the right things. STG provides testing services and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services to our customers. We diligently verify and validate the software development process and deliverables. We also ensure that requirements are satisfied through all phases of the development life cycle, including review and baseline of requirements, source code review, quality of documentation and IV&V.

Accurate and comprehensive documentation is essential. We provide reliable, in-depth system administration guides, user guides and training materials to ensure that all users understand the system or application. We also develop online documentation modules that can be embedded within Web applications and tools. We use screen capture software to prepare tutorials that greatly reduce the learning curve for system users.

Errors cause delay and raise costs. STG’s Quality Management System enforces rigorous quality assurance and control techniques to accomplish efficient, effective software development on schedule and on budget.

Why reinvent the wheel every time? To give you the most bang for your buck, we leverage existing capabilities and create new software capabilities that benefit multiple customers.

Silo systems are on their way out. Today’s environment demands interoperability for today and for the future. We develop software that streamlines the connections between systems, people and agencies.