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Linguistics and Intelligence Solutions
21st Century Information Overload Requires Integrated Solutions

Translation, Transcription, and Interpretation Services
We Speak Your Language

Just say the word — STG is there with the language services you need. STG linguists, interpreters, and cultural advisors are native speakers, heritage linguists, or have acquired native-level fluency. They are skilled in translating Web, print, and broadcast communications. STG also leverages emergent state-of-the-art language technologies and language training technologies designed to make our linguists more accurate, more productive, and fine-tuned to specific customer needs.

When it comes to language skills, STG has a reputation for setting the bar high. Linguists are extensively tested for their ability to translate and transliterate from their native tongue into English. They undergo rigorous English editorial tests that are difficult even for native English speakers. Our linguists do not just translate the words; most of our native speakers came to the United States as adults, bringing with them a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of the cultural and contextual aspects of the subject matter at hand.

STG provides linguists with careers, not just jobs. One of our core values is taking care of our people, and it shows. We have a high retention rate among our linguists. Linguists who work for us often bring fluent family members and former colleagues on board. We also have many returning "alumni."

Our customers are primarily within the U.S. Federal government and U.S. military. We understand the sensitive nature of their missions and carefully select our staff. Our linguists are subjected to extensive background investigations, and most are U.S. citizens. Many of our linguists are cleared up to the SCI level.

Intelligence Solutions
Information overload in the 21st century is probably the biggest threat to timely, high-quality analyses supporting your "cannot fail" global missions, and using "smart people to solve problems" is no longer a sufficient approach. STG's integrated solutions approach leverages our experience in global, Internet-based data collection; translation services and tools in 46 global languages; large-scale processing and storage for U.S. Government (USG) customers; and our immediate access to technologically advanced tools for data harvesting and analytic visualization.


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Linguistics and Intelligence Solutions at a Glance

- Linguists, Interpreters, Cultural Advisors
- Language Training
- Language Tools

- Analysts
- Operations Center Support
- Intelligence Analysis Training

Products/Abilities/Integrated Solutions:
- Full text translations
- Advanced Collection and Analysis Tools
- Media Research/Monitoring and Tailored Products